Slogan:  Citizen Legislator, not Career Politician.

Slogans are important, expecially for campaigns.  Even for one that doesn’t have a budget like mine.  So I was working on one with my media manager (my brother Bill) and he came up with this little gem:  Citizen Legislator, Not Career Politician.  I immediately liked  it.  I assume that any of you who have read my articles on here can attest to the fact I am far from a career politician.  I am nowhere near being politically correct and I call BS when BS needs to be called.   I don’t like politicians that much anyway.  I want someone who has the guts to tell the truth, even when the truth sucks.  I want someone who will fight the good fight.  I want someone who confronts the issues and doesn’t run away from them.  I want someone who hates spending my tax dollars as much as I hate giving it to them.  I want that guy.  That is the citizen legislator.  That is who I am!


Seinfeld and the Abortion Issue

“Do you Ever Wonder Why….?”  That was always Jerry Seinfeld’s shtick when doing his comedy.  I miss Seinfeld.  One of the best shows ever.  But this story is a little deeper than Man Hands or Junior Mints.  It is about the abortion debate.  So I recently received an email from a gentleman from Right to Life of Oregon.  He wanted to know my stance on the abortion issue and potentially endorse and support me.  (Again, I do not want anyone’s financial support. Money should not be wasted on campaigns.) I stated I am Pro-Life, but I must not have said the right words in my email as he never responded back.  My email was well written and not rude or off color.  In fact, I believe what he supports.  Boy people are funny, aren’t they?.  But before you judge me on my opinion on abortion, let me go deeper into this issue as I did with him.  Roe vs. Wade was decided by the Supreme Court back in 1973.  There is a generation of people who have never known a time when abortion was not legal.  Taking rights away from people is a difficult thing whether or not you find them moral.  Look at the issue of gun control.  But here is what baffles me.  The decision on abortion was decided by the Supreme Court.  The only group who can change that law is…..the Supreme Court.  The Justices are appointed by the President for life.  So the President is the only one who can stack the deck for or against this issue.  And he/she can only do so when a Justice decides to retire or dies.  The Senate has to approve the appointment, but rarely do they not.  So the question must be asked….Why does Right to Life even want to waste money on my campaign?  I am running for the House of Representatives.  I have nothing to do with anything.   The same question needs to be asked to Pro-Choice groups.  Why do they make abortion an issue in every campaign?  And an even better question is why waste money on elections at all?  If you truly are Pro-Life, isn’t the idea of avoiding an unwanted pregnancy the most important thing?  If you are Pro-Choice, isn’t the idea of avoiding an unwanted pregnancy the most important thing?  They both want the same thing!  What the heck is wrong with these people?  Why don’t they work together to solve the problem!  Educate the people.  Change their hearts and minds.  Get people to make better choices.  Don’t take people’s hard earned money who are kind enough to donate it to your cause just to waste it on efforts that do not help with your overall mission.  Maybe for these activists it is more about the power than the cause?  Just a thought.  So if you are Pro-Life or Pro-Choice…..maybe you need do a Jerry Seinfeld and ask yourself, “Do you ever wonder why???”  

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Where the Heck is Oregon Congressional District 1?

So some people have asked me where Congressional District 1 is in Oregon.  Well it is made up of Yamhill, Washington, Columbia, and Clatsop Counties.  It also includes a portion of Southwest Multnomah County.  So it you live in those areas as seen on the attached map, you are probably in District 1.  I have lived in District 1 my entire life except for the brief time I was in college. It has been represented by Democrats during that time.  40 years if you are doing the math.   I have been voting since I turned 18 and my votes have never been cast for the winner.  But it also must be said that we have not always had the greatest choices.  It seems like in many elections (District 1 and others)  the comment isn’t, “I like this person and support them,” as much as it is, “Well, I think this person sucks less than the other guy.”  Well, my goal with my campaign is to make you say, “Brian Heinrich will do a great job representing me and I am casting my vote for him.”  But don’t get me wrong, I will be happy to accept your vote if you believe I suck less than the other candidates too.  Thank you for your support and please tell others in District 1 and elsewhere about my campaign.  Your “shares” are my only form of advertising.

A Passionate KISS

So I was driving home from my brother’s place last night and my iPod was on a Classic Rock playlist.  I was rocking out to some Guns ‘n Roses, Metallica and finally some KISS.  Now I don’t know if you are a KISS fan, but I am sure you have heard of the band.  Interesting band, KISS.  They started out as just four average guys.  Gene Simmons the bassist, said he wanted to be a rock star just so girls would scream at him like they did for the Beatles.  None of the original members had any amazing musical talent.  Their playing was average and their voices were mediocre at best.  But they had passion.  One passion they had in particular was performing live.  You see, they were always disappointed in going to concerts when they were younger.  The shows lacked energy and excitement.  The musicians failed to live up to their fans expectations.  The boys felt they could do so much better.  So after forming their band, they decided to put on kabuki makeup, ten inch leather heals, and amazing costumes.   They went out on stage and  proceeded to impress the concert goers with attitude, fire breathing, smoking guitars, and blood spitting (not real blood….and its much cooler than it sounds).  It’s an epic event if you have ever seen them.  So as I was doing a little headbanging to their Destroyer album while driving down 99W, I realized I am a little like Gene, Paul, Ace and Peter.  I am very passionate about my love of this country.  I do not see that same love in the people representing us.    I see people ignoring the needs of their constituents.  I see elected officials who would rather create new problems rather than solve existing ones.  I see waste and corruption.  I see a bunch of people up on that concert stage disappointing their audience.  I know I can do it better.

I am a Capitalist. I am not ashamed. As a matter of fact, I am very proud of it. I am shocked some Americans even think there is another economic system to consider. The people who argue for Socialism always say the same thing, “This is a different kind of Socialism.” Do you know why they say that? Because Socialism has never worked. It fails every time it is tried. So like unsuccessful Capitalists, they put the same crap in a new package and try to re-sell it to the public.