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I don’t want your money, but the State of Oregon-Elections Division wants mine.  Even though I received a little over 19,000 votes in the Primary Election, I am still required to either pay another $2500 fee or collect another 300 valid signatures in order to get my Candidate’s Statement in the Voter’s Guide for the General Election in November. (Yes, the State charges a candidate a fee for both the Primary and General Election Voter’s Guides) While I was unsuccessful in getting my 300 signatures verified in time for the Primary, it is imperative that I am successful for the General Election. With my $5000 self funding limit, paying the $2500 feeis not an option since it would not leave me any funds for signage and marketing prior to the election. My plan is to collect signatures in downtown Hillsboro the morning of the 4th of July prior to the start of the parade. I will be out there as long as I can before I am called back for parade duty. If you are available to donate your time to assist me in collecting signatures before the parade, or in your free time over the next few weeks, I would greatly appreciate it. Please email me at for details.

Gun Control Email and Response

So I received an email yesterday from a constituent.  With the recent gun violence, he has some serious concerns on gun control.  While I believe we do not share the same resolutions to the problem, his concerns are real and need to be heard.  Here is his email as well as my reply.


Enough atrocities. I’m sick of platitudes, and “thoughts and prayers” and “it’s too early.” We need to enact meaningful gun control legislation NOW. Fund mental health efforts too. I’m donating to those who are willing to stand up against the NRA. Too many people are dying for the “freedom” to own mass killing machines.

I have donated hundreds of dollars in the last year to those working on reducing gun violence, and as an independent I will vote this fall based on track record on this issue. Please reconsider your position.

Thank you,


Astoria, OR

My Reply:

Thank you for your e-mail and a chance for dialog. What sort of “meaningful legislation” did you have in mind? It you look at statistics, there are more violent crimes committed in regions where there are strict gun laws and less where guns are more prevalent. So when it comes to meaningful legislation, I question whether it is a “feel good” law or a “doing good” law. I want laws that do good. Feel good laws may be politically or socially popular, but often have long term negative impacts on individuals and society. I do agree that mental health is an important issue for all Americans and the more people are willing to come out and talk about it the less taboo it will be and the more people might be willing to seek help.


As far as the “mass killing machines” I see the media classifying these guns into categories they do not belong. The weapons used in many of the “mass shooting” situations require the shooter to pull the trigger each time and to change the magazine of ammunition out. These are not assault rifles like the movies where you pull the trigger once and just move the gun around. Those are fully automatic weapons and they are illegal. Most owners of semi automatic guns use them for a hobby of target practice the same way some people do needlepoint or run on a treadmill. They use them to relieve stress, bringing this back to a mental health issue.


Now when it comes to mass killings we need to look at history. Here are some fairly recent examples. In 1979 the Peoples Temple Agricultural Project, known as Jonestown, killed 900 people when the leaders poisoned the Kool-Aid served to their followers.

In 1982 someone who has never been identified laced Tylenol in various locations in the Chicago area with Potassium Cyanide. Seven people died and a massive scare ensued.

In 1984 one of the followers of the Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh in Antelope, Oregon attempted to kill local politicians in a bioterror attack by poisoning salad bars at various restaurants in the area. 751 people were poisoned. Luckily there were no fatalities.

On April 19, 1995, Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols killed 168 people with a bomb created with ammonium nitrate, a common fertilizer.

In December of last year, Lakeisha Holloway struck 37 people with her car on the Las Vegas Strip. One person was killed.


None of these efforts involved firearms, yet many were far deadlier or potentially deadlier than the most recent shootings we have had. And with the exception of redesigning the packaging on various drug and food products, no amount of regulation would have prevented these actions from occurring. I recall a sermon at church where my pastor said, “There will always be weeds in the garden no matter how hard we try to prevent them.”


When it comes to banning guns, there are other factors beyond sport that should not be overlooked. A relative of mine was raped when she was in high school. As you can imagine, a very traumatic experience to say the least. In her mind a gun is not a weapon to be feared, but a tool for protection. Not only is she well skilled with a firearm, but so are her children. To remove guns from them would not make them feel safer. On the contrary, it would make them feel like victims. You cannot deny ones persons security for another persons perceived safety.

I am happy to hear that you have the extra funds to donate to a cause you believe in. My stance will always be to remove the money out of politics so that all citizens have an equal voice in the legislation that effects their lives and that votes, laws, etc. are not bought but earned. Again I appreciate you taking time out of your day to ask me questions and to learn more about my beliefs and campaign and I wish you well in your future endeavors.


Yours Truly,

Brian Heinrich

Candidate for US Congress-Oregon’s 1st Congressional District.

“We Are All Custodial”

Back in the fall of 1994, my brother Bill and I were both accepted into the Walt Disney World College Program from Oregon State University.  We were the only two Beavers accepted that term, so hence we got a private family photo with Minnie Mouse as you can see.

The Walt Disney World College Program is an internship where you work at various locations around the Walt Disney World Resort and take classes from Disney in business management.  Upon being accepted at the time, Disney assigned students into one of four Categories: Attractions, Food Service, Hotel Services, and Custodial.  I was assigned to food service at the Fort Wilderness Resort at the Hoop Dee Doo Musical Revue.  Bill was assigned to the Magic Kingdom Custodial crew.  In our first orientation class, the Disney lead proceeded to ask us questions.  “Who is in Food Service?”  I and a dozen or so raised our hands.  “Attractions?”  Another dozen showed their hands.  “Hotel guest service?”  And still others.  “Custodial?” My brother and the last remaining few raised their hands.  He then says, “No!  everyone should be raising their hands.  We are all Custodial.  We are all responsible for the Walt Disney World Resort and how it looks, not just the few assigned  to the the task.  If you see garbage on the ground, pick it up and throw it in the trash.  If you see a mess, clean it up.  You should take pride in being a cast member at this Resort”

We have some serious financial problems in this country.  Our government and its elected leaders have spent almost 20 trillion more dollars than we have.  That is over $59,000 per citizen and more than $161,000 per tax payer.  We have future obligations like Social Security and Medicare that have unfunded liabilities much closer to the amount of 100 trillion dollars.  We have lied to ourselves by keeping interest rates artificially low and printing money through “Quantitative Easing.” We have done this to continue our failed fiscal policies rather than to change course.  To add insult to injury, we have created class warfare and put the blame on the wealthy rather than putting the blame where it belongs, on ourselves.

We did this together.  Whether directly or indirectly, we all were involved.     We all contibuted to this mess.   We have voted in poor leadership.  We have taken more from the government than we contribute.  We have asked government to do the jobs we should have been doing for ourselves.   We have failed to save.  We have failed to be self reliant.  We have failed to be good stewards of the greatest nation ever created on Earth.  Now we have a big bill to pay.  Some in government think  we can keep kicking the can down the road for the next generation and deny the obvious.  But that has never nor will it ever work.   We must confront the burden that is in front of us.  We must cut spending.  We must expect less from government and more from ourselves.  We must unleash the American workforce and start building things again.  We don’t need to tax income more.  We need to create more income to tax.

I don’t care if you are rich or poor, young or old, black or white, gay or straight, man or woman.  None of those things matter.  The fact is…We are all custodial.  It is all our job to clean this government up and make it something we are proud of.  My name is Brian Heinrich and I am running for US Congress in Oregon’s 1st District.