Where the Heck is Oregon Congressional District 1?

So some people have asked me where Congressional District 1 is in Oregon.  Well it is made up of Yamhill, Washington, Columbia, and Clatsop Counties.  It also includes a portion of Southwest Multnomah County.  So it you live in those areas as seen on the attached map, you are probably in District 1.  I have lived in District 1 my entire life except for the brief time I was in college. It has been represented by Democrats during that time.  40 years if you are doing the math.   I have been voting since I turned 18 and my votes have never been cast for the winner.  But it also must be said that we have not always had the greatest choices.  It seems like in many elections (District 1 and others)  the comment isn’t, “I like this person and support them,” as much as it is, “Well, I think this person sucks less than the other guy.”  Well, my goal with my campaign is to make you say, “Brian Heinrich will do a great job representing me and I am casting my vote for him.”  But don’t get me wrong, I will be happy to accept your vote if you believe I suck less than the other candidates too.  Thank you for your support and please tell others in District 1 and elsewhere about my campaign.  Your “shares” are my only form of advertising.


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