So I have been getting a lot of requests for yard signs.  Believe it or not, those can be a little expensive. The sign company I have been using had a price of $10 per sign with a minimum order of 50 signs.  I said, “That is great, but I am under a very tight budget, so let me know if you have any ideas on how to cut the cost.”  Living under a budget is actually a good thing.  It forces one to prioritize and decide what is important.  Something all politicians should do.   It also helps create innovative ideas.  Just like in this case.  My sign company said, “If we go with a 12”x24” sign (instead of the standard 18”x24”), it will lower the cost even more.”   Not only will it save me money, it will actually stand out from the rest of the political signs blighting the landscape.  So, I have 50 signs coming and would like to get them on high traffic areas within the next week.  If you feel you have an ideal location for a sign inside District 1, please email me at and I will deliver it personally to your door.  Thank you again for your continued support.  This has been an amazing adventure and I can’t wait until November 8th..

I Walk For You


So with the Beaverton Celebration parade over, the last parade of the campaign season is done. For all those who cheered for me while I walked with my friends and family, thank you. I had a lot of fun shaking hands and giving out candy. I don’t know if you noticed, but I always entered the parade as myself-Brian Heinrich for US Congress. My competitors campaign always joined in with her Party’s entry. I separated myself intentionally. You see, the job of a Congressional Representative is to represent the people of his or her district. Now it is true, I am the Republican nominee, but ultimately I am conservative. This means I believe we need limited government, lower taxes, more state rights and more individual liberty. With these basic principles in mind, that is how I intend to represent you. Now I have met the incumbent for my position, Suzanne Bonamici a couple of times. She seems like a very nice and genuine person. I think she has a good heart. Where I disagree with her is on two major policies. She is liberal, and believes in even more government involvement in our daily lives through the theft of our own tax dollars. She is also very political party oriented. She often votes party lines regardless of the needs and wants of the people of district 1. Her votes align very well with those of Nancy Pelosi’s. I prefer independent thinkers. I am one. My name is Brian Heinrich and I am going to be your next Representative for Oregon’s 1st Congressional District.

There Is No Free Lunch


My father handed me a copy of the News-Register paper from McMinnville today.  On Friday the 22nd there was a fluff piece on Suzanne Bonamici, the incumbent for District 1.  The Congresswoman I am challenging.   

The title says, “Suzanne Bonamici touts healthy meals for all students.”  My first thought after reading the title was, “Does anyone want to have children go hungry?”  I don’t think so. Politics is usually not about disagreement on outcomes, the argument is how we get to those outcomes.  And that is where Suzanne Bonamici and I disagree.  She believes in a big Federal Government to provide the services we, as Americans, should be providing for ourselves.  I, on the other hand,  believe we need to correct the system, so that all Americans can achieve success.   Ronald Reagan once said, “I believe the best social program is a job!”  I couldn’t agree more.  

Take the article for example, the Federal Government takes money from taxpayers in the state of Oregon only to give a portion of it back (there is always overhead to pay for) to organizations in Oregon.  Of course the money comes with contingencies (i.e. strings attached), so the government can dictate processes.  This redistribution of our tax dollars allows people like Suzanne Bonamici to take credit for feeding children healthy meals with the money we paid.  As if somehow she was the one providing those lunches.   To paraphrase from a President Obama speech, “She did not pay for those lunches, you did!!”   And this redistribution has other Federal benefits, such as paying for government administrations and securing future votes for Suzanne and similar Congressional Representatives when they run for office again.  It is amazing how giving out “free stuff” improves your chances for reelection.    

While I do not want to see any child go hungry, I don’t believe our money needs to take a trip to Washington DC first.    I would simply reduce taxes. That means more money in local communities to increase economic growth.  That leads to higher wages, more jobs, and increased household incomes.   That right there will reduce poverty and reduce the number of families who need assistance.  For those who still have need, local charities, religious institutions and similar organizations could assist.  If still a need persisted, then a local fee could be levied to help.  The overall cost would still be less than the cost of any Federal Program and the money would be spent more wisely.  So how would this help my reelection efforts since I can’t take credit for the work of others?  Well, if I chose to run again, I would like to think I would earn your vote by how little of your money I spent, and how much more you got to keep.

I would like to make one more comment on this news article.  It is about campaigning.  Understand, Suzanne is being paid a federal wage while running full time for office.  This gives incumbents an incredible advantage over any challenger who still has to work a regular job to pay for their personal expenses while running for office.  (Not even including the cost of a self funded campaign, as is my case.)  She also has the benefit of easy access to the press.  Meaning her office can make a phone call, and on a slow news day the press is more than happy to write a piece on her activity.  Whether this be a tax payer paid town hall or a local event she chooses to attend.  Unless you’re Donald Trump, a challenger does not have nearly as much access to this free publicity.  These advantages keep incumbents as incumbents.   To make matters worse, these same Representatives have put in campaign finance laws to make sure they limit the challenger’s ability to raise funds to compete.  To be clear, this is not a partisan issue, this is an establishment issue.  Many Bernie Sanders fans and Trump fans have said, “The system is rigged.”  Well, I would not go that far, but there are advantages put in place that keep people who have power in power.  My name is Brian Heinrich and I am going to be your next Congressional Representative for US Congress in Oregon’s First District.   

Mr. Wilson vs. the Pink Tax


When I was 17 or so, my parents moved from the South side of Hillsboro to the North side off of Jackson School Road.  It was there I became good friends with their next door neighbor, Jim Wilson.  Jim worked as a salesman for Dicks Country Dodge.  Always a smile on his face, Jim was a joy to have for a neighbor.  He would often wear the hat of the wise neighbor on Tim Allen’s sitcom, “Home Improvement” when he worked outside.   Jim did this just so I could say, “Hey Wilson!” when I would see him over the fence.

One day Jim and I got talking about sales and life in general.  I must have been in my early 20’s at this time.  He made one statement that I still recall to this day.  He said, “Brian, a good sale is when both the buyer and the seller are satisfied.”  Jim went on to explain to me a little about the free market system.  How no one is forced to buy or sell anything, but how we come to an agreement when both parties find value.   Meaning, they both believe what they are receiving is equal or better than what they are giving.

That advice Jim gave me, while profound, happens billions of times a day in Free Market economies around the world including the United States.  With the exception of ObamaCare and possibly public utilities, we as consumers get to choose what we purchase and how we spend the fruits of our labor.   We look at various products and get to compare value.  And value is a very subjective thing.  A place like Nordstrom charges more for their products than a retailer like Target, but in both cases, consumers find value in the products they purchase.  The free market finds its pricing with no government involvement.  If people like a product, they will buy it as long as it has value to them.  If people do not find value, they stop purchasing it and the manufacturer or retailer will either lower the price or stop selling it.

So that brings me to the current legislative effort in Congress called “Repealing the Pink Tax.”  The Pink Tax is the name given for the false belief that products are marketed towards women with a higher sale price than the comparable male or gender neutral products.  My Democratic challenger for Oregon’s 1st District, Suzanne Bonamici is one who believes in this false ideology.  In fact, she posted on her facebook page,  “I’ve put my support behind legislation that will put an end to gender-based discriminatory pricing.” What she and many Democrats fail to realize is that in a free market, the consumer is king (or queen in this case) and they dictate pricing.

You see, the freedom to have the market provide products and to price them as it chooses, and the freedom for us to choose to buy them (or not) are important freedoms.  Government should not be involved in regulating prices as Suzanne Bonomici is advocating .  It is a slippery slope that will only lead to less choices and less value and even more government control.  Now you might be saying, “But this is discrimination!”  But is it?  Manufacturers are making special products to cater to the needs and wants of women.  I don’t think that is discrimination.  Quite the opposite.  The demand by women for these specialty products has made the retailers take notice.  And because of that, they make thousands of products specifically designed for women.  Now are the prices higher than non specialized products?  Sometimes, probably yes.  The cost to produce those specialty goods may be higher or it is possibly because the audience they are marketing to is willing to pay a premium price for their needs being met.  Now you might be saying, “Yes, but if we pass this Pink Tax law, then I can buy products for less!”  Well, not really.   Like most laws, it has unintended consequences.   Suppose a retailer normally sells a pair of men’s Levis at $40 while they sell a pair of women’s at $60.  How is the government able to validate price differences?  Is it sexism?  Perhaps there is more cost in the design of women’s jeans.  Perhaps its an issue of volume of sales or variety of styles available.    But the retailer has the real fear of legal action by the government for price differences.  This so called Pink Tax Repeal would allow for legal action against a retailer who sells men’s and women’s products at different prices.   It makes much more sense for the business to raise the price of men’s jeans to be “fair”  rather than lower the price of women’s.   After all, the government wants things to be “fair.”  Or perhaps the retailer will just reduce the number of products they sell that cater to women.  That way there is nothing that could be perceived as unfair.   Ultimately, government policy would not only promote higher prices, but limit our choices as well.

Suzanne Bonamici wants you to believe there is a Pink Tax and she is going to be your champion in Congress to destroy it.  But the reality is that just isn’t true.  There is no Pink Tax.  Just like there is no Boogeyman.  Prices are established by what someone is willing to sell something for and by what someone is willing to pay for it.   Perhaps women are just willing to pay $20 more for a nice pair of jeans than  a man.  Maybe that pink razor is worth an extra dollar, so her husband doesn’t use it while he is in the shower.  You see, what Jim Wilson told me almost two decades ago still holds true.  “A good sale is when both the buyer and the seller are satisfied.”  No one is forced to buy.  No one is coerced to sell.  Both parties consent of their own free will and the government does not need to be a participant.  We only need to be free to choose (or not choose), and the market will continue to provide the products  and services we want at the prices we are willing to pay.

My name is Brian Heinrich and I am running for US Congress in Oregon’s 1st District.

Please sign here…..

I don’t want your money, but the State of Oregon-Elections Division wants mine.  Even though I received a little over 19,000 votes in the Primary Election, I am still required to either pay another $2500 fee or collect another 300 valid signatures in order to get my Candidate’s Statement in the Voter’s Guide for the General Election in November. (Yes, the State charges a candidate a fee for both the Primary and General Election Voter’s Guides) While I was unsuccessful in getting my 300 signatures verified in time for the Primary, it is imperative that I am successful for the General Election. With my $5000 self funding limit, paying the $2500 feeis not an option since it would not leave me any funds for signage and marketing prior to the election. My plan is to collect signatures in downtown Hillsboro the morning of the 4th of July prior to the start of the parade. I will be out there as long as I can before I am called back for parade duty. If you are available to donate your time to assist me in collecting signatures before the parade, or in your free time over the next few weeks, I would greatly appreciate it. Please email me at for details.

Gun Control Email and Response


So I received an email yesterday from a constituent.  With the recent gun violence, he has some serious concerns on gun control.  While I believe we do not share the same resolutions to the problem, his concerns are real and need to be heard.  Here is his email as well as my reply.


Enough atrocities. I’m sick of platitudes, and “thoughts and prayers” and “it’s too early.” We need to enact meaningful gun control legislation NOW. Fund mental health efforts too. I’m donating to those who are willing to stand up against the NRA. Too many people are dying for the “freedom” to own mass killing machines.

I have donated hundreds of dollars in the last year to those working on reducing gun violence, and as an independent I will vote this fall based on track record on this issue. Please reconsider your position.

Thank you,


Astoria, OR

My Reply:

Thank you for your e-mail and a chance for dialog. What sort of “meaningful legislation” did you have in mind? It you look at statistics, there are more violent crimes committed in regions where there are strict gun laws and less where guns are more prevalent. So when it comes to meaningful legislation, I question whether it is a “feel good” law or a “doing good” law. I want laws that do good. Feel good laws may be politically or socially popular, but often have long term negative impacts on individuals and society. I do agree that mental health is an important issue for all Americans and the more people are willing to come out and talk about it the less taboo it will be and the more people might be willing to seek help.


As far as the “mass killing machines” I see the media classifying these guns into categories they do not belong. The weapons used in many of the “mass shooting” situations require the shooter to pull the trigger each time and to change the magazine of ammunition out. These are not assault rifles like the movies where you pull the trigger once and just move the gun around. Those are fully automatic weapons and they are illegal. Most owners of semi automatic guns use them for a hobby of target practice the same way some people do needlepoint or run on a treadmill. They use them to relieve stress, bringing this back to a mental health issue.


Now when it comes to mass killings we need to look at history. Here are some fairly recent examples. In 1979 the Peoples Temple Agricultural Project, known as Jonestown, killed 900 people when the leaders poisoned the Kool-Aid served to their followers.

In 1982 someone who has never been identified laced Tylenol in various locations in the Chicago area with Potassium Cyanide. Seven people died and a massive scare ensued.

In 1984 one of the followers of the Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh in Antelope, Oregon attempted to kill local politicians in a bioterror attack by poisoning salad bars at various restaurants in the area. 751 people were poisoned. Luckily there were no fatalities.

On April 19, 1995, Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols killed 168 people with a bomb created with ammonium nitrate, a common fertilizer.

In December of last year, Lakeisha Holloway struck 37 people with her car on the Las Vegas Strip. One person was killed.


None of these efforts involved firearms, yet many were far deadlier or potentially deadlier than the most recent shootings we have had. And with the exception of redesigning the packaging on various drug and food products, no amount of regulation would have prevented these actions from occurring. I recall a sermon at church where my pastor said, “There will always be weeds in the garden no matter how hard we try to prevent them.”


When it comes to banning guns, there are other factors beyond sport that should not be overlooked. A relative of mine was raped when she was in high school. As you can imagine, a very traumatic experience to say the least. In her mind a gun is not a weapon to be feared, but a tool for protection. Not only is she well skilled with a firearm, but so are her children. To remove guns from them would not make them feel safer. On the contrary, it would make them feel like victims. You cannot deny ones persons security for another persons perceived safety.

I am happy to hear that you have the extra funds to donate to a cause you believe in. My stance will always be to remove the money out of politics so that all citizens have an equal voice in the legislation that effects their lives and that votes, laws, etc. are not bought but earned. Again I appreciate you taking time out of your day to ask me questions and to learn more about my beliefs and campaign and I wish you well in your future endeavors.


Yours Truly,

Brian Heinrich

Candidate for US Congress-Oregon’s 1st Congressional District.

“We Are All Custodial”


Back in the fall of 1994, my brother Bill and I were both accepted into the Walt Disney World College Program from Oregon State University.  We were the only two Beavers accepted that term, so hence we got a private family photo with Minnie Mouse as you can see.

The Walt Disney World College Program is an internship where you work at various locations around the Walt Disney World Resort and take classes from Disney in business management.  Upon being accepted at the time, Disney assigned students into one of four Categories: Attractions, Food Service, Hotel Services, and Custodial.  I was assigned to food service at the Fort Wilderness Resort at the Hoop Dee Doo Musical Revue.  Bill was assigned to the Magic Kingdom Custodial crew.  In our first orientation class, the Disney lead proceeded to ask us questions.  “Who is in Food Service?”  I and a dozen or so raised our hands.  “Attractions?”  Another dozen showed their hands.  “Hotel guest service?”  And still others.  “Custodial?” My brother and the last remaining few raised their hands.  He then says, “No!  everyone should be raising their hands.  We are all Custodial.  We are all responsible for the Walt Disney World Resort and how it looks, not just the few assigned  to the the task.  If you see garbage on the ground, pick it up and throw it in the trash.  If you see a mess, clean it up.  You should take pride in being a cast member at this Resort”

We have some serious financial problems in this country.  Our government and its elected leaders have spent almost 20 trillion more dollars than we have.  That is over $59,000 per citizen and more than $161,000 per tax payer.  We have future obligations like Social Security and Medicare that have unfunded liabilities much closer to the amount of 100 trillion dollars.  We have lied to ourselves by keeping interest rates artificially low and printing money through “Quantitative Easing.” We have done this to continue our failed fiscal policies rather than to change course.  To add insult to injury, we have created class warfare and put the blame on the wealthy rather than putting the blame where it belongs, on ourselves.

We did this together.  Whether directly or indirectly, we all were involved.     We all contibuted to this mess.   We have voted in poor leadership.  We have taken more from the government than we contribute.  We have asked government to do the jobs we should have been doing for ourselves.   We have failed to save.  We have failed to be self reliant.  We have failed to be good stewards of the greatest nation ever created on Earth.  Now we have a big bill to pay.  Some in government think  we can keep kicking the can down the road for the next generation and deny the obvious.  But that has never nor will it ever work.   We must confront the burden that is in front of us.  We must cut spending.  We must expect less from government and more from ourselves.  We must unleash the American workforce and start building things again.  We don’t need to tax income more.  We need to create more income to tax.

I don’t care if you are rich or poor, young or old, black or white, gay or straight, man or woman.  None of those things matter.  The fact is…We are all custodial.  It is all our job to clean this government up and make it something we are proud of.  My name is Brian Heinrich and I am running for US Congress in Oregon’s 1st District.



Stacking the Deck


Many hate the idea of career politicians and demand term limits.  Yet our politicians will not subscribe to them (although I do!).  But when we demand Campaign Finance reforms and more ethics put into politics, our politicians are quick to jump on the bandwagon and pass legislation.  Why would this be?  Simply put, they get to write the rules.

They limit the amount of money that can be donated by individuals to candidates, what they don’t acknowledge is they already have the connections to get the stream of money flowing.   They also can use their office for free advertising.   Suzanne Bonamici, the incumbent I am challenging, had three “town hall meetings” paid with tax dollars as part of her office budget just weeks prior to the primary election.   While this is a good way to communicate with constituents, this also allows her a large amount of public and media attention without being forced to use her campaign funds.  She also did a fluff piece for the Oregonian in April knocking on the doors of local businesses.    Campaign Finance and Ethics reforms do not stop corruption and career politicians, it only hurts challengers who don’t have name recognition or influence to put up a fair financial battle.  These same politicians also include rules to put added expenses on challengers that incumbents are exempt from. And being that I am self funding my own campaign, every fee and expense results in less money to promote myself to the public.  For example, I received this email today:


Since the early 1990’s Agpac Educational Services Association (AESA) has sponsored a tour for candidates, legislators and other public officials.  The tour has highlighted issues and locations of importance to agriculture and forestry.   We have contacted the Oregon Government Ethics Commission and they have approved the tour.  The Secretary of the Senate has fully sanctioned our event, and we are awaiting word from the Chief Clerk of the House.


Ethics rules were reformed during the 2007 legislative session and since then have been further revised.  Because of the ethics rules now in effect, we can only cover tour expenses for current legislators and public officials.  Unfortunately, the rules protect incumbent legislators and current public officials, but candidates do not fall under the same rules.


Expenses for candidates are not covered under the current rules. As much as we would like for all candidates to attend, we must ask that you pay for the expenses we incur on your behalf.  We anticipate those costs to be $70.00 per person.  We have included an invoice for your records.


That said, we invite you to join us on the 2016 tour.  Our theme is“Oregon Agriculture – Locally Grown, Globally Know”.  We have included a tour agenda, registration form and directions to where you will catch the bus.


As you can see, we have a full day planned for you.  This is an excellent opportunity for you to visit with farmers, ranchers, and foresters concerning the issues facing the Oregon natural resource community.


Please check your calendar to see if you’re available to join us onTuesday June 7, 2016.  Then fill out the registration form, along with your check for $70 and mail it to:


Agpac Educational Services Association


ATTN: Diann Washburn

1320 Capitol ST NE, STE B-50

Salem, OR 97301

To assist us in planning this event, we ask that you complete and return your RSVP by the June 1st, and prepay your participation fee of $70.  We hope the cost will not deter you from attending, we have a fun day planned for you and we want to share many issues important to Oregon’s natural resource base.


Please dress appropriately – you will be walking around on farms.  We recommend you wear closed-toed footwear and bring a jacket.  Depending on the weather, you might consider bringing a hat, sunscreen, or umbrella, etc.


Congratulations on winning your Primary race.  We appreciate your willingness to run for office and applaud you for the time it takes and sacrifices that are made to serve your community, constituents, and the State of Oregon.  We look forward to seeing you at the tour June 7th.


Now it is only $70 dollars, but keep in mind, these are the rules for all events for candidates.  And if I choose not to go to some of these events due to finances, it appears as if I am not serious about my candidacy.  And since my budget is limited to $5000 dollars of my own money, this is death by 1000 cuts.  Good thing the IRS lets me write off $50 dollars of my $5000 investment on my taxes!  Because that is seriously going to save me a couple bucks next April 15th.  Seriously…just a couple of bucks.   Now I will register for this event and others and I will learn about the needs and struggles of various Oregon industries, but please be wary of any career politician who says they support Campaign finance reform.  They support it all right.  They want to financially break any challenger that gets in their way.

My name is Brian Heinrich and I am running for US Congress in Oregon’s 1st District.  I am self funding my own campaign.  I do not want your money, I just want your vote.


Thank you!


Election night was exciting last night. My good friend Kelly flew up from California to watch the returns and ultimately celebrate with me and my family. I want to thank everyone who took the time and effort to vote. I would also like to thank my competitors Delinda and Johnathan. They are both truly wonderful people and I wish them the best.
Now the real work begins. Oregon’s First District is what is considered in political terms: A Democrat Safe District. This does not mean that if a democrat is hearing what they deem hateful speech they can escape to District 1 and safety. No, this means the boundaries were drawn up in a way to ensure a majority of democrats make up the voting base. Hence why District 1 has not been represented by a Republican in 40 years. But this is not a barrier that prevents success. Our job now is to persuade the large majority of democrats and independents that the current direction Suzanne Bonamici and the democrats have taken us is a bad one. That spending money and passing divisive regulations do not unite a nation, but puts an economic burden on all of us while promoting class and group discontent.
A family, a small business, a large corporation, as well as a nation will not survive under such policies. Pretty soon the credit cards are maxed, people can’t afford to put food on the table, and nobody will work together to accomplish anything. We have seen this divisiveness grow over the last several years as we have seen the greatness that is the United States lessen. Our job as passionate conservatives and Americans is to educate people on the dangers of bad fiscal policy, and the divisiveness that comes from restricting people’s freedoms, So we need to engage those who are not politically minded that now is the time to change the course. Now is the time to think from a different perspective. To allow people live, work and worship how they see fit. To work for their own economic self interest.
Most of us work 40 plus hours a week. Myself included. We find it hard to find time outside of work and family to be active in the direction our nation is heading. Over the next 5 months I would like to encourage everyone to make an effort to support all the candidates who have the country’s best interest at heart. This is on a local, state, and federal level. Thank you in advance for your time and effort. And as I started this campaign, I still do not want your money, I just want your vote.

Primary Election Day


I want to say “thank you” to all the people who have supported me so far in this election process. Tonight is sure to be an exciting one. If you have not voted yet, please do so. If you or anyone you know would like to know more about me or my candidacy, I invite you to send me an email ( ) or give me a call/text (503) 307-0139. The best way to get answers is to ask questions. Thank you again.