I am a firm believer that money has no place in politics. With this in mind, I will not be accepting any monetary donations to my campaign. I have placed a self imposed budget of $5000 of my own funds. I do need your support however. So I ask you to please share my website, facebook page and twitter accounts with all your friends and family. The most difficult thing in politics is to get your name and ideas out to the voters. Incumbents have an advantage against challengers due to name recognition alone. So I truly need your active support. This means sharing my posts, reposting my tweets, and having those awkward conversations of telling your 5000 closest friends about me. I know, it is tougher than when you built up the nerve to ask that cute girl to the high school prom, but I truly need your support. I also would greatly appreciate it if you could volunteer your time and energy when needs arise. This could be for community events, parades, and the like. Would it not be great to hear on the news in November, “Brian Heinrich was elected to the US Congress on a budget of $5000 dollars due to the massive effort of 300,000 supporters.”