I have elected to not accept donations and to limit my own spending to $5000 for my Congressional campaign.  I am doing this for several reasons.  The first is I do not believe money has any place in politics.  Representatives are supposed to represent the people.  That means all the people and not just the select few with financial influence.  I also respect money.  No one spends money better than the individual who earned it.  That is why I am a strong supporter of limited government and a balanced budget.  It reduces waste, limits fraud, and puts the value of money where it belongs-In the hands of the people.  Finally, The Federal Elections Commission (FEC) rules state that if a candidate takes donations or exceeds $5,000 in expenditures he/she is required to form a Campaign Committee, appoint a Treasurer, and complete a substantial amount of financial paperwork.  This excessive regulation adds cost to a campaign with little or no value.  I am value oriented, so if I did this, it would contradict my message.  My budget as of 10/28/2016 is as follows:

9/10/2015    OR Secretary of State-Filing Fee:               $100.00

10/23/2015   WordPress-HeinrichforOregon website:  $18.00

12/2/2015   VistaPrint-Promotional Materials:             $656.98

4/12/2016   FedEx Office-Brochure Printing:                 $294.00

6/16/2016   Kolor Werx-Vinyl Graphics/Magnets:       $200.00

6/17/2016   Rendered, LLC-Custom T-Shirts:               $262.50

6/20/2016  Vista Print-Promotional Materials:            $150.14

6/27/2016  Hillsboro Rotary Club-Parade Fee:              $85.00

7/3/2016 Cash & Carry-Parade Candy:                             $210.00

7/28/2016 Campaign Buttons:                                            $42.00

8/30/2016 Anderson Signs-Signs:                                     $700.00

9/10/2016 Cash & Carry-Parade Candy:                           $89.88

9/16/2016 Anderson Signs-Signs:                                      $375.00

9/16/2016   WordPress-Website renewal:                        $18.00

10/28/2016 Facebook Advertisements:                             $772.72

Current Total:   $3,974.22