Slogan:  Citizen Legislator, not Career Politician.

Slogans are important, expecially for campaigns.  Even for one that doesn’t have a budget like mine.  So I was working on one with my media manager (my brother Bill) and he came up with this little gem:  Citizen Legislator, Not Career Politician.  I immediately liked  it.  I assume that any of you who have read my articles on here can attest to the fact I am far from a career politician.  I am nowhere near being politically correct and I call BS when BS needs to be called.   I don’t like politicians that much anyway.  I want someone who has the guts to tell the truth, even when the truth sucks.  I want someone who will fight the good fight.  I want someone who confronts the issues and doesn’t run away from them.  I want someone who hates spending my tax dollars as much as I hate giving it to them.  I want that guy.  That is the citizen legislator.  That is who I am!


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