A Passionate KISS

So I was driving home from my brother’s place last night and my iPod was on a Classic Rock playlist.  I was rocking out to some Guns ‘n Roses, Metallica and finally some KISS.  Now I don’t know if you are a KISS fan, but I am sure you have heard of the band.  Interesting band, KISS.  They started out as just four average guys.  Gene Simmons the bassist, said he wanted to be a rock star just so girls would scream at him like they did for the Beatles.  None of the original members had any amazing musical talent.  Their playing was average and their voices were mediocre at best.  But they had passion.  One passion they had in particular was performing live.  You see, they were always disappointed in going to concerts when they were younger.  The shows lacked energy and excitement.  The musicians failed to live up to their fans expectations.  The boys felt they could do so much better.  So after forming their band, they decided to put on kabuki makeup, ten inch leather heals, and amazing costumes.   They went out on stage and  proceeded to impress the concert goers with attitude, fire breathing, smoking guitars, and blood spitting (not real blood….and its much cooler than it sounds).  It’s an epic event if you have ever seen them.  So as I was doing a little headbanging to their Destroyer album while driving down 99W, I realized I am a little like Gene, Paul, Ace and Peter.  I am very passionate about my love of this country.  I do not see that same love in the people representing us.    I see people ignoring the needs of their constituents.  I see elected officials who would rather create new problems rather than solve existing ones.  I see waste and corruption.  I see a bunch of people up on that concert stage disappointing their audience.  I know I can do it better.


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