Never Settle

President Obama recently said, “this is a success of diplomacy” when discussing the Iran nuclear deal. Well anything is a success if you place the bar low enough. I once had a goal of asking a girl out that I worked with. I walked up and asked her. She turned me down. But that’s OK, because according to the President….it was success. The goal was to ask, which I did. The outcome did not matter. So his goal was to get a nuclear deal signed. It did not matter if it was a good deal or a bad deal…success was achieved in signing. Who cares if we removed sanctions which allows them access to military equipment? Who cares if we allow them to develop nuclear technology “for electricity” even though they don’t need it due to controlling one of the largest oil reserves in the world for energy? Who cares if they violate human rights or discriminate against women and homosexuals? Who cares if they are the world’s biggest sponsor of terrorism? Who cares if they deny the holocaust and want to see Israel wiped off the face of the Earth? These were not the President’s goals. His goal was to sign a deal and he got it done. Great Britain’s Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain signed a similar deal with Hitler in 1938. Neville Chamberlain got it done! In the video attached he brags of his success and flashes the paper document with Adolf Hitler’s signature. 11 months later Hitler started WWII. If you truly want to achieve greatness, you must reach for it. You must know what you need to do, and settle for nothing less. The current representative for Oregon’s 1st District Suzanne Bonamici, the one I intend to replace, voted in approval of the President’s deal. Evidently she would rather accept mediocrity than try to achieve success as well.


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