Drawing Straws

It is often said, “Those who seek power rarely deserve it.” That has probably never been more true than in this year’s Presidential Race. I find it amazing how a nation with over a hundred million people to choose from got stuck with what we have left. A friend of mine told me a few years ago that he thought we should not have elections for President, Senators, or Representatives. He thought a better option would be a lottery or possibly drawing straws. Whoever gets the short straw has to serve his or her time. When the term is over, they come home and some other poor sap has to go. In reality it is probably not a bad idea. Their efforts and votes would not be purchased by swayed by financial supporters. They would not be in DC long enough to get corrupted and overstay their welcome. And they could not make any worse decisions than the people we currently elect. Maybe this isn’t a crazy idea afterall. But since this election cycle is already in motion, I would appreciate your support in becoming the first Republican in over 40 years to serve as Representative for Oregon’s First Congressional District. Please “Like” my facebook page, find me on Twitter and share my thoughts with your friends and family. As I am self funding my campaign, I truly appreciate your support..


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