The One Question You Should Ask

What is the correct climate? Have you ever thought of asking that question? Either to a politician, a Scientist, or an Environmentalist? They all scare us with the fear of climate change. The politicians tell us they need our tax dollars to invest in “green” technologies. The scientists tell us they need more money to study and experiment. The Environmentalists demand more money and more regulation to force us to change our lifestyles. But you know what they all have in common? None of them know what the correct climate is supposed to be. Because there isn’t one.
The last ice age began about 1.8 million years ago and ended around 12,000 years back. That is a long time by anyone’s standards. Fast forward a few thousand years and there was a time called the medieval warm period. That happened around 950AD. Temperatures rose and stayed there for around 300 years. While it was warmer, the increase in temperatures caused plant life to flourish and the planet to become more “green.” But then came the “little ice age.” The period from 1300-1850 where the relative temperature decreased substantially. The temperatures then began to increase into the 1940s and then decreased again through the mid 1970s. Since then, the temperatures have been rising until about the last decade where the have stayed relatively stable. So why would temperatures drop before the industrial revolution, increase slightly as it began, and then slowly drop as industrialization started to really pickup after WWII? Some scientists say it had to do with solar activity. Others say it was due to increased volcanic activity and air pollution which blocked the heat of the sun (never mind the greenhouse gases) In the 80’s we blamed in on Rock Bands and teenage girls for using too much hair spray.
The truth is Water Vapor is one of the most plentiful greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. It dwarfs CO2 by comparison. And if you compare the amount of CO2 man creates to the amount of CO2 the Earth produces naturally, it is shocking what little impact we have on that number. Now I am not saying you should go out and remove the emissions controls off your diesel pickup so you can go charging up highway 26. What I am saying is read both sides of the argument. People often cite greed as being the primary motivation for business to take shortcuts in regards to the environment? But everyone is greedy. The Politicians who want to grant favors to financial supporters are greedy for your tax dollars. The scientists who need government funding to continue their research are greedy as well. The environmentalists who need funding to finance their efforts, pay an ever increasing organization, and influence government regulation also have a strong tendency towards greed. To claim one party is greedy and another is not is just not true. So next time someone tells you that we must do something about climate change, dont panic. Simply ask them, “What is the correct climate we are trying to achieve?” I personally like a nice 80 degree day with a light cloud cover.


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