How to Catch a Wild Boar

A friend of mine asked me a question a while back. He said, “How do you catch a wild boar?” I said, “I don’t know, never had to catch one.” Then he told how it is done. He said, you see, you simply lay some food on the ground and wait for a boar to show up. The boar will sense something is wrong. So he will avoid it for a while. But then, after he can’t resist the temptation anymore, he’ll break down and eat the food. Low and behold, nothing happens, so he figures the food must be OK. So you lay some more food out. Every day the boar comes back to get the free meal. That’s when the real work begins. You put down one wall of iron bars next to the food. The boar sees this wall, but the food is still there. So with reservation he walks up and begins to eat the food. Like every day before, nothing happens. So he puts his mind at ease and finishes his ever present free meal. Then a week or so later of the same routine, you put up another wall. The boar is again alarmed, but he has been eating there so long with one wall, he is sure all is still fine. And he continues to eat the food. A week later the third wall goes up. At this point the boar doesn’t even notice. He is fat dumb and happy. He has been eating a free meal at this same spot for months now. He has seen these walls before and they really don’t do anything. That is when he comes in that final time, and while he is busy gorging himself, you drop the fourth wall down right behind him. Bam! The boar is trapped.
You see, freedom is a very fragile thing. We talk about how we cherish it. How we live in the greatest nation in the world because of it. But freedom is something you must not take for granted. Everyday there are people laying out food for us. They offer us socialized this, subsidized that and government financed something else. They are slowly taking away or restricting our freedoms on the grounds of security, being politically correct or some other popular social ideology of the day. And while their intentions may be good, we must never let others provide for us what we can and should provide for ourselves. For if we do, that is the beginning of despotism and we will soon find ourselves trapped much like that wild boar.
My name is Brian Heinrich and I am running for US Congress. My campaign is self funded, so thank you for visiting my website and please “like” my facebook page and follow me on twitter.


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