Leave your Shoes On.

A friend of mine who lives in Arizona went down to the US/Mexican border last week and took this picture. Yes, this is what the border looks like there.
So, When I fly to Long Beach, California from Portland, Oregon, I am body scanned, dog sniffed, and hand swiped. My bags are x-rayed. I have to take my shoes off, discard my pocket knife that I forgot to leave at home and am forced to dump my beverages. As an American flying from one state to another, I am told this is done for my safety. But a non American can enter our country through an unsecured border which appears to be pretty easy to do from the photo. They are not sniffed nor scanned. They get to keep their pocket knife and Starbucks and whatever else they choose to bring. Their bags are not inspected and they get to do it all with their shoes on. What the heck is wrong with our elected leaders? This is not racist. This is not unreasonable. This is a matter of safety and security for all Americans.


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