Varying Degrees of Dog Doo

I love Joe Walsh’s song “Ordinary Average Guy.” There is a great line in it where he says, “And every Saturday we work in the yard. Pick up the dog doo. Hope that it’s hard.” I think we can all relate to picking up dog doo. I picked up dog doo every time I mowed the yard as a kid and we never even had a dog. And there are varying degrees of dog doo. The hard stuff that Joe Walsh talks about is the best. Easy to scoop up with the shovel and throw in the flower beds or recycle bin…which ever is your choice of disposal. No muss…no fuss. But then you have the wet stuff. The nasty doo that means you will be hosing off the shovel afterwards and you will still be avoiding that spot in the grass until the next rain. That is the real nasty stuff. And then there are many variations in between. Which brings me to the electing public officials. Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Green Party and what have you. I feel like we are often looking at just varying degrees of dog doo. So I have some advice for picking your candidate. Choose the one that is going to leave the least amount of mess once it is removed.


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