The Best Things in life.

I was thinking today about the best American inventions of the last 200 years or so. These are only my opinion and have no basis for the rest of the population. Still, I put a lot of thought into it, and here is the list of my top 5.

Light Bulb-Thomas Edison invented this handy little thing we still use in 1879.

Telephone-While we now have phone apps on our handheld devices… all started with Alexander Graham Bell calling Mr. Watson in 1876.

Television-Created in the 1920’s by American ingenuity.

Doritos-Developed in Disneyland with some help from Frito Lay back in the 1960s.

Coca-Cola-An Atalanta Pharmacist named Dr. John S. Pemberton gave us this bubbly beverage back in 1886.

You may wonder about the significance of this list. But the truth is, I love my Coca-Cola and Doritos while watching TV at night with the lights on all while texting on my phone. My life would be terrible without these things. But the reality is that all of these inventions have two things in common. They were all made by Americans. Not African-Americans, or European-Americans, or Asian Americans or Native Americans. They were made by Americans. Period. The other thing is they were made by Capitalism. Not government investment, but private investment. The people that made these inventions did not have to beg the government for the money. They found private investors. Individuals, companies, and anyone with a few dollars who were willing to risk it. You see, the government is not supposed to expose the peoples’ tax money to risk. And that is what investing is, risk. Government is supposed to provide what the people use for a common purpose. Such as Defense, coining money, post offices, and foreign relations. Not benefiting small interest groups. Not funding specific industries. If it is not for the common good, it is not a government responsibility. Let the private sector risk their money. If they, lose…..only they lose. If they succeed, we all succeed because we all reap the benefit of their invention. It truly is a win-win for the consumer. My name is Brian Heinrich and I am not your average politician. I think your money belongs to you.
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