Genuine Corinthian Leather

So I went and watched Deadpool Friday night. If you like comedy, sarcasm, violence, sex and nudity, you will love this movie. Go see it! If you don’t like those things, you should probably pick something else. But in one particular scene on the movie, Deadpool gets his face slammed into the seat headrest of a car and responds with the comment, “ooh, genuine Corinthian Leather.” I may have been the only person in the theater to laugh at that. You see, he was referencing a classic 1975 Chrysler commercial starring Ricardo Montalban. (Kahn for you Star Trek Fans out there.) You can find the commercial here: In it he says the car seats are finished off with “soft Corinthian Leather…” Do you know what “Corinthian” Leather is? No? Thats ok. No one does. It doesn’t exist. Chrysler made it up. But if you said it just had leather seats, it would not sound near as exotic.
Enter our politicians. They try so hard to feel important. They try so hard to sound smarter than us. They are are rarely engineers. They are rarely designers. Most of the time they are lawyers. And the sad thing is, they all should have gone to college and majored in Marketing. Because they usually put more effort into the names of bills than writing or reading the bills themselves. Lets look at some examples of their work: Over priced government controlled healthcare program also known as “The Affordable Care Act.” Civilian Spy operation to trounce on individual liberty marketed as “The Patriot Act.” One of my favorites is the Give Money to Big Business who help us get reelected which is often advertised with the general name of “Government Stimulus Package.” And who can forget the classic bail out the banks who make bad decisions by giving them free money to lend called the “Troubled Asset Relief Program” also known as TARP. You know when they create an acronym for the program, they really put some effort into it. Do you know what all these programs have in common? They were all paid for with our tax dollars and all gave us very little benefit. Obamacare caused our insurance to go up and limit our choices. The Patriot Act restricted our civil liberties. Every Stimulus package is absolute theft and TARP was like giving bonuses to the worst employees.
Now there are a lot more things I dislike about our government. But what disgusts me the most is they use our money to try and sell really crappy products to us. How dare they! So the next time you see them reading their talking points to the TV camera about how much better our lives will be with the new law they going to pass, just ask yourself, “Does that include soft Corinthian Leather?” My name is Brian Heinrich I am running for US Congress.


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