Prove it on the Field!

Back when I went to Glencoe High School, we had a football coach that would say “Talk is cheap!”  He would say this in reference to things written in the local paper about upcoming games.  He would follow it up with. “You prove it on the field on Friday.”  It is amazing what little things in life help define our core beliefs as we get older.  As I heard about the tragedy of what happened in Paris on Friday and the French governments military response Sunday, I recalled those words by Coach.  And then I thought about our President.  We currently have a President who is quick to grab headlines on almost every social and political issue.  Sometimes by what he says, other times by what he fails to say.  The man has rarely acknowledged an act of terror during his Presidency.   He chose to blame a video for the attack on the US Embassy in Libya rather than on the Islamic extremists who murdered four Americans.  He has a strong aversion to using the term “Radical Islam”  in any statement even though the term “Right Wing Extremist” is  quick to roll off his tongue.  And then it occurred to me.  President Obama is the guy Coach was talking about in the paper.  This is the guy who spouts off to the newspapers about the game on Friday to grab the headline.  But while he is hitting his talking points, he fails to prove it on the field where it matters.  While I have not been a big supporter of the French government with its current social or economic policies, kudos to French President Francois Hollande for his military action on Sunday.  This man must have had a good high school coach as well, because he is “proving it on the field.”   My deepest sympathies to the French people and especially to those who lost loved ones in the terrorist attacks.  And my sincerest respect and admiration to those in the French and US military who put themselves in harms way to protect all freedom loving peoples.  God Bless.


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